Youth Wing



After much consultation with our members and the younger generation, Al-Habib Islamic Centre has decided to form its own youth division. The youth division aims to inspire young people and help fulfill their Islamic, Academic and Recreational needs.

We have already setup a cricket team which is participating in the division four of the Swindon Indoor Cricket league. If anyone is interested in playing please contact brother Farooq on 07542844817.

Insha Allah very soon a pool table and table tennis facilities will be made available at the Al-Habib Islamic Centre and we will begin to run a formal youth club sessions on Saturdays for brothers and Sundays for sisters.

All children under the age of 18 are requested to register their details and send back to Al-Habib Islamic Centre, Chapel Street, Swindon, SN2 8DA.

If anyone would like to voulanteer to run the youth club please contact on 07824997687.

Youth Club Membership Form Boys

Youth Club Membership Form girls