Al-Habib Mission Statement

We are a proud Islamic community in Swindon. Our organisation’s name is clear and transparent representation of our Islamic faith. Which we believe teaches us to treat all humans as equal.

Our facility on Chapel Street is homes to people that are from all diffrent religous and ethnic backgrounds. And the centre has been used for by the whole community for many reasons from praying, wedding parties, birthday parties to funerals.

We have formed excellent relations with educational institutions in this area, with Police, British Army, and the Prison Service.

You will find us at repatriations of British soldiers returning home and peacefully working with other residents fro Swindon and the surrounding areas.

We are absolutely abided by the laws of this country and laws set by our religion Islam, and we are thankful to those who respect us as we are. We are not in the business of publishing what we do or what we do not do or what others do.

Our management is made up of young Muslims who are normal people working amongst you in all various walks of life. Our management rules are applied with full force especially where monies or reputation of our organisation is compromised.

We welcome all who wishes to work with or support us or who just say hello.

God Bless you all